05 June 2009


Yes, all the news is true. There are quite a few many beautiful gems on the new Al-Cisneros-curated mix CD from Arthur publications, entitled Tranmissions From Sinai. In all honesty, sometimes when I think I might be losing interest, these cursed West Coast conjurers brew up something that I have to buy. And it is always worth it.

And that is why I don't mind shilling for them here. For a mere $12, you can have this fine, fine audiodisc to have forever. Honestly, there are only 1,000 of these things. OK, advertisement over.

“Here are sixteen reports, differing approaches that, through their own individualized methods, access the one ground. It’s a privilege and blessing to have known many of the musicians on this disc, to have shared in song with some, and stages with others. In all cases I have been the healed recipient of their craft sitting alone with my headphones… Here is their auditory journal.” —Al Cisneros February 2009

We have quite a range of beauties here. From Lichens' totally amazing cosmic yawn opener, to the sweet, sweet dubbed out reggae in hits from Linval Thompson and an outageously good Alpha & Omega. Two of my personal favorites--Wino's fuzzed-out, drippy hot pickle sandwich of creeping doom "Silver Lining" (on the kickass album that I wrote about here) and Grails' really (seriously) cool Pink-Floyd-y "Acid Rain". I suppose that just comparing them to a classic band might be doing them a disservice, but honestly, I'm lazy. I'm a lazy, lazy writer. And I'm OK with that. Sometimes when I listen to music, I turn into a dog, and sometimes all I can think is "Pink Floyd! Pink Floyd!" Please understand that this is an expression of great joy.

Really. This is a great record. Good job for ruling, guys and gals.

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