31 August 2009


I saw the Flaming Lips on Friday at Merriweather Post Pavilion. I'm not sure what to really say about this band; they are just amazing. College would have been completely and debilitatingly depressing without the exuberance and pure inspiration that this band gave me. Plus they make incredible, psychedelic music and their live show will constantly make you go "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!" Their new album (which you can preview here) is going to be fucking mind-blowing.

When they come through your town, GO. No matter who you are, or what you've done...you deserve it.

Oh, Steven. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Great photos from DCist.


The Gates of Slumber officially have the greatest album covers ever. Check out their newest, Hymns of Blood and Thunder, pictured above. It sounds a lot like it looks, people.

Simply amazing. I effin' love these guys.

28 August 2009


I've been a long-time defender of Metallica because of what their first four albums did for me. I know they are good and kind people. For these reasons and more I can never disrespect them.


Fuck Metallica.

The only reason I'm saying this: Megadeth's new album has totally blown them out of the water. Death Magnetic sounds lame and pathetic next to Endgame. Period. Megadeth isn't doing anything new, really. They just kick about four trillion times as many asses as Metallica has anytime recently. Endgame fucking rips. I'm not interested in debating this point. One thing I've learned from working in politics: there is spin, and then there are the facts. The two can be separated pretty easily.

Death Magnetic
is for chumps. Endgame is the real deal, brother.

27 August 2009


Sinatra's epic weeping monument to loneliness and the pure heartbreak of destroyed relationships. Not the Sinatra we in the Italian-American community are used to and possibly are annoyed by...instead, a highly emotional and colorful odyssey through the mind of a lonely suburban divorcee trying to figure it all out. You can realy tell how he made his transition to acting after listening to this shit, if you couldn't before. In other words, not really lounge/party music...more like groovy jams in the orange light of neardusk (which you may know I'm very much into). Possibly one of the most bittersweet albums ever made, with basslines that will slap your heart around with their awesome funkiness. Poppy desperation at its best. A must-hear. A lost gem. Wow.

26 August 2009


Sometimes I post on this site to spread the word; with this particular album, though, I'm pretty confident the word has already been spread. One of the coolest things about these guys being so popular, for me, is that they operate on (pretty much) the exact level of weird beauty that makes me feel at home, if a spaceship can be a home. I think these guys are, for me, kind of a modern-day Pink Floyd, or what that band was for so many people in the 60's and 70's.

Still, I have to write something about it. I always pretty much assume that many of you out there are, like me, a little wary of hype. So if you trust me, let me break down that wall for ya.

This album is really just fantastic.

This record gives me a very strange feeling, one of the pleasantest feelings I've ever hosted. It's the same feeling I get from certain Coltrane albums, Hendrix jams, and other things like closed-eye motionlessness. I'll try to describe it:


That, of course, is pretty bad. When I sit and listen to these jams, my world slows down and I get this funny feeling that my breath becomes an unnoticeable column that ends very kindly in my mouth. I'm not doing any kind of exercise or anything like that, it just happens. It's definitely healing music.

Naturally, I can't guarantee that this will happen for you. But I can say that when you feel the room of your life getting uncomfortably small, take a listen to this guy. It should do something for ya.

23 August 2009

Underwater Peoples

I'm always surprised to see people I associated with in college being publicized. At the end of living on the beach for a week and hanging with my family (they say "hi") I've been checking up on the internet while burning as many CD's from my parents as I possibly can (Inner Circle, Jethro Tull, Floyd, sitar music), and I came across a post on Underwater Peoples on naturalismo. The people responsible for this little label of vigilant bliss were friends of friends, but I hung with some of them very briefly. Anyway, Real Estate and Family Portrait are two of my favorite bands. I love them and wish I knew them better, not because they are somewhat internet famous, but because they are good. I love their music, and now you will too.

(Brody is in both of these pictures because he's super-handsome.)

06 August 2009


Not music related, but definitely worth noting.


"I love being motivated I LOVE BEING MOTIVATED!!!" - Nathan Explosion

03 August 2009

Jesus christ.


This is shaping up to be the best concert year of my entire fucking life.



Yes, this is what the Shrinebuilder album looks like.